First Things First...

lol And there it is… Im pretty sure this is the only song I’ve put out in 2012.

Mickey Factz: Mickey Mause Synopsis


“Gotta want what you dream, and dream what you want. Gotta love what you do, and do what you love.” - Mause.

Take a second to get a visual of the 1980’s. You may see neon colors, big hair from Rock Stars, Hip Hop blossoming, Reaganomics, etc. But for young Mickey Mause, all he saw was…



A protester handed President Barack Obama a note while shaking hands along a rope line in New Hampshire today.  AP photographer Charlie Dharapak smartly zoomed in so you can read the note for yourself.

For those of you who like to know (myself included) the technical information on how Charlie shot the pictures, here it is. Both frames were made with a Canon 1D Mark IV with a 70-200mm zoom lens. The exposure was 1/250 @ f2.8 rated at 1600iso. The first image was shot at 70mm and the close up was shot at 160mm.




doesn’t get that much better than Dr. Dre when it come to the beats… shout out to errybody on the Leftcoast #toast

Via Phil Adé


my ex-girlfriend took this picture… right before I burned her to death. lol sike naw

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